Handwriting Personality Analysis: Know Yourself Well

According to handwriting analysis, the personality of a writer is frozen on the piece of paper on which he writes. With the help of handwriting analysis, or graphology, an expert handwriting analyst can unravel a lot about the writer.

What aspects of personality can be revealed by handwriting analysis?

Your handwriting and personality are linked. For example, the strokes of your handwriting can reveal what kind of job you will be suitable for. Also, it can help you in building relationships.

Read answers to a comprehensive handwriting analysis quiz and find out why graphology is so useful and why you should learn handwriting analysis.


‘Rockstar’ Ranbir Kapoor’s real personality is this bad? Find out

Ranbir Kapoor in 'Rockstar'Ranbir Kapoor’s fans won’t believe it. But according to his co-actors and ex-girlfriends, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor the star of Rockstar thinks too much about sex and is almost a sex maniac. Is that true? Let’s find out from an analysis of Ranbir Kapoor’s handwriting.

Olympus CEO fired because he talked a lot: Why some people talk so much!

Michael WoodfordOlympus Corp fired its CEO Michael Woodford, a loud mouth, on October 14, 2011. Woodford is not the first person who fell into trouble because of garrulity. Many people put themselves into a soup because they talk a lot. And the interesting part: they can’t stop themselves. Handwriting analysis says people who talk a lot and are therefore likely to fall into trouble write their oval letters, such as a & o, in a certain way. Read here