Is Ranbir Kapoor preoccupied with sex?

Ranbir Kapoor’s ex girlfriends said Ranbir is preoccupied with sex. Is it true? Let’s analyse his handwriting and see what the truth is



Ranbir and Sonam in Saawariya



2 thoughts on “Is Ranbir Kapoor preoccupied with sex?

  1. Donald the Claw aka ‘Felons Claw’ is on the left side of the downstroke.
    The phallic symbol in R, unfinished ‘r’ (halfmast) last r in Ranbir the hurried ‘l’ ‘w’ (impatience Wham Bham Thank You M’am) could indicate premature ejaculation, (an inadequacy leading to physical frustration) (tics in lower zone) The small lower loop in y is a person wary of others and reason for not committing. The big signature is many times to hide inadequacy, short coming (pun intended of course) and a facade.
    The ‘w’ signifies a kind of mammary fixation. Coupled with the stinger in ‘o’ shows a penchant for strong busty and robust women No wonder Deepika (34″) and Sonam (32″) with petite frames did not last long.

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