The reckless wreck


I read a piece of shocking news a fortnight ago: A 19-year-old girl was arrested for hiring youths for Rs 5,000 to throw acid on her ex-boyfriend who had distanced himself from her after his parents disapproved of their relationship.

I requested our crime reporter to get me her handwriting. He couldn’t because she didn’t cooperate. Nevertheless, I decided to write about people like her who want to either possess or eliminate the objects of their affection. I started stacking her traits by gathering information about her.

First, a TV report on the girl showed she often used to visit crowded areas with her boyfriend and ask him to proclaim that he loved her. Clearly, she was emotionally dependent and always liked to feel wanted. In graphology, this trait is seen by an extreme right slant (pic A) with narrow space between words. Such writers are highly impulsive and insecure and their opinions about themselves depend on others’.

Secondly, she took her “revenge” about a year after their break-up. During this period, they didn’t meet even once and there was no provocation from the guy’s side either. Apparently, she didn’t forget things easily, which is reflected by certain heaviness in the writing pressure.

These two traits are vital, but not sufficient to make someone behave like her: the girl’s handwriting must have had some strokes reflecting awful temperament and cruelty.

A few months ago, I advised a girl, who showed me the writing of her boyfriend, to be careful because the guy was terribly insecure and temperamental. I warned her that if she was with him for “time-pass” with an intention to dump him for a better choice, he might screw her happiness. It’s because once she leaves, he’ll be again engulfed by insecurity.

Calcutta-based handwriting expert Mr Mohan Bose, who is also my teacher, says many such impulsive writers don’t take no for an answer because as a child their parents always fulfilled their demands — both justified and unjustified — even at midnight. Hence, when such a writer is refused by a girl, he tries to spoil everything he loves about her.

This week, I’m analysing the handwriting sample (pic B) of Mirror reader Kirthi Jadhav. Three things that jump out of your handwriting: You’re too sensitive, you’ve a very good determination and you’re facing some issues with your spouse. Because of your sensitivity and a feeling that people don’t understand your point of view, you like to keep yourself shut. This is the reason why you’ve begun to distance yourself from people around you. Because of the space between you and others, you feel aloof and also have begun to feel that people don’t want you. This has given birth to a feeling of inferiority in you. You’re trying to fight it out, but don’t know how.

Kirthi, double the size of your current signature. Write, “I am  going to do it my way because I am able to do it” for 15 minutes every day for a month on ruled paper, leaving a margin of one inch on the left. Make sure there are no loops in the stem of your d’s and keep your y’s and g’s round (pic C), not angular as seen in your handwriting (pic D). Also, raise your t-bars and increase the size of ‘I’ (pic C). All the best!


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