Hey, I am in a hurry


One of the idiosyncrasies of one of my bosses is to occasionally pass by my desk and toss a question on handwriting analysis. A couple of weeks ago, she hurled one: “While signing pages for output, sometimes I put in just my initials (pic A), and not the complete signature. What does that mean?”

I would suggest she avoid initials as far as possible. I told her, “I’d reply to your query in one of my columns.” So, here is your answer.

People who use only initials want to make things happen really, really quick. They simply can’t wait to get things done and therefore face problems in finishing the projects they undertake.

Such writers also don’t want to give out too much information about themselves because they yet don’t know their place in the world and feel they have got things about themselves which others might not accept. If a person puts his initials occasionally, it means he is unsure of himself at that particular time or of the quality of work he has finished.

It’s clear why one should avoid initials and write one’s full name in signature. The benefits of writing full signature are plentiful: it helps one express more of one’s creativity, talent and abilities with aplomb. American graphologist Bart Baggett says the person writing full signature may slow down a bit, but she will finish off things a whole lot better.

To many heads of departments, I’ve recommended that instead of scribbling their names (indicative of
I-give-a-damn attitude and how “busy” they are), they should write their full names in their signatures because it will help them become more open and authentic. It will also make them a loving and approachable boss.

This week, I’m analysing the handwriting sample (pic B) of Mirror reader Deepali Desai. She is a sweet girl who talks a lot because with her words she wants to make up for the insufficiency she generally feels about herself. She hardly speaks what she feels and likes not to be a subject of discussion. A strict believer in parties and hanging out with friends, Deepali is at conflict with her parents. She wants to assert her individuality but she experiences that her family “oversteps on her independence”. She has difficulty keeping friends’ secrets and thinks that waiting for something is a waste of time. The best thing about Deepali is that she’s a clear-hearted person who speaks the truth. She doesn’t manipulate facts. Although Deepali lacks discipline in her life, she uses her mind to take most of her decisions.

Deepali, make your signature (pic C) double its current size and separate your first name from you last name (pic D). Also, write “I must surely do it by myself” for 15 minutes every day for 30 days on ruled paper, leaving a margin of one inch on the left. From pic E, imitate the placement of t-bars and the way ‘y’ and ‘I’ have been written. All the best!


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