This Republic Day I went to meet a friend Nidhi at Vile Parle to make peace with her: she was angry because I hadn’t met her since she shifted to Mumbai five months ago. Her ultimatum was: if I didn’t come to her house on January 26, which was also her birthday, she’d never speak to me.

Nidhi and her husband Sanoj were at home, but their daughter Srija had gone out to participate in an R-Day function.

We were busy chatting when loud thuds on the door disrupted our conversation. Nidhi opened the door to find Srija standing there with her eyes red and overflowing. “What happened, darling?” a worried Nidhi asked her.

After a few minutes, the story unfolded. I’ll recapitulate: At the function, Srija was supposed to deliver a speech, for which she had rehearsed well. But when she walked on the stage, she realised she couldn’t utter a word even as a number of people had fixed their gaze at her.

“I just didn’t know what to speak. I forgot every thing. Some boys in the back row were sniggering. It was so embarrassing, Ma…”

“Never mind, sweetie…” Nidhi comforted her.

Later, I saw Srija’s handwriting and discovered she was self-conscious, shown by the rising hump of m’s and n’s (pic A). People with this trait always face stage fright and they don’t do new things, fearing they’d “look stupid”.

A girl with this trait will never approach the boy she likes because she fears he may say no or she thinks others may laugh at her. Similarly, a self-conscious tele-caller will hesitate to make sales calls, because she thinks the customer won’t buy her products.

I gave Srija a few handwriting exercises, one of which was to reduce the size of the second hump in m’s and n’s (pic B), to arrest her self-consciousness. I recommend the same exercise to everyone who wants to get rid of the fear of “looking stupid”. If you’re planning to go in sales or marketing, self-consciousness will be a major roadblock.

This week, we’re analysing the handwriting sample (pic C) of Mirror reader Priya. She’s a sweet girl who has many friends and wants to make many more. When angry, Priya slices her victims with words. But soon, she forgets every thing and wonders why people “take it to heart”. She has a “fuhget-it-yaar” attitude and hates being told she’s wrong. She usually frustrates her friends by not telling the whole truth and withholding parts of it.

Priya has a good imagination and loves variety. In relationships, she keeps hoping if her partner does not match her passion for variety and change. Also, she loves inflating facts. She takes time to start a project but once it gets started, she wants to finish fast.

Priya, write “I will do it with confidence” on ruled paper for 15 minutes daily for a month. Keep a margin of one inch on the left and write on every alternate line. Make sure there are no loops in the stems of d’s and t’s. All the best, Priya!


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