A few weeks ago, a Mirror reader, Snehal Shimpi, scrapped me on Orkut, inquiring if handwriting analysis can spot jerks who cunningly take the credit of someone else’s achievements. I don’t know if Snehal ever got stung by such a person but it indeed hurts when someone stealthily yanks off the prized feather in your cap that you earned labouriously, leaving you squirming in anger and frustration. Often, these slimy crooks target close people who trust them and make them privy to the details of their projects.

An ex-colleague of mine, X, was similarly victimised by a co-worker Y with whom he was working on the launch plan of a weekly supplement of the newspaper we worked for. A few days before X was supposed to submit his report, Y approached their superior and discussed the plan they were working on. When X submitted his report later, he was disdainfully told that his plan was similar to Y’s. He felt cheated.
In graphology, the proclivity to steal someone else’s show deviously is seen in a combination of traits in handwriting, such as desire for attention, shallow but fast thinking, lack of pride and dignity, forked communication, excessive acquisitiveness and of course laziness.

The primary reason why some people knavishly attempt to take credit of someone else’s accomplishment is their inability to achieve it themselves, as they are shallow thinkers (cup-shaped t-bars in pic A) who can’t go deep into any subject and are lazy (many t-bar ending on the left in pic B). But with a desire for attention (certain highness in the ending strokes in pic C), they still want to be known as achievers. When they also have a propensity to hide their motives (shown by certain illegibility in signature pic D), they can’t be found till they do the damage.

This week I’m analysing the handwriting sample (pic E) of Mirror reader Ranjeet. He’s a very sensitive person. For example, if his girlfriend passes a negative comment on his appearance or anything else that has to do with him, he will be upset and will quickly get defensive. If for some reason he isn’t able to come up with an intelligent reply, he’ll sulk and keep saying to himself: “Why did she say that? Why did she do that? Does she not love me any more?” In order to avoid any negative comments, he prefers not speaking his mind and not wearing what he really likes. More often than not, Ranjeet imagines criticism and becomes judgmental about others easily.

Among strangers, he feels that everyone is noticing him. For example, when he walks into a party, he imagines that people are looking at the way he is walking and the way he is dressed. He does not feel at ease immediately: it takes him a while.

Ranjeet, your girlfriend’s handwriting shows she’s not as emotional as you are and your compatibility with her on a scale of one to 10 is just 4. Your complaint against her is that she doesn’t connect with you well and hardly opens up. She is also moody. In short, you’re not happy with her.

Write “I am ready to do what I need to” on ruled paper for 12 minutes every day for at least 30 days. Keep in mind two things: bring your y’s all the way up; no loops in d’s and t’s (pic F). From your signature, remove the stroke that cuts through your first name and make its first letter larger. All the best!


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