Last month, my friend Aakriti called me to a Colaba restaurant as she wanted to show me pictures of her engagement in Delhi. (Let me spill the beans: pictures were just an excuse, she wanted me to see her
fiance’s handwriting.) I saw the pictures. The function was extravagant, she looked awesome, the guy was handsome and his younger sister was a looker.

She put back the album into her hand bag and meekly fished out a small piece of paper on which a postal address was scribbled. It was written by the Delhi-based engineer she was going to marry. She handed it over to me with a nervous look on her face. I looked at the handwriting for a while and discovered that she was marrying an amazing guy. I gave her a hard look for a few seconds without saying a word. The anxiety on her face intensified. I flashed a smile before saying, “Instead of calling you up from Delhi, how often does he give you missed calls, expecting you to call him back?”

Her eyes widened, her mouth opened and furrows surfaced on her forehead. “How the hell do you know that? Who told you?”

Giving a shrug, I pointed to the piece of paper lying in front of me. “Your would-be will keep you very happy, ma’am. He’s a cool guy. Very friendly, soft-spoken, disciplined and (wink) has a good sex drive. But keep in mind that he’ll adore you if you love his money and save it too! He doesn’t like spending. The bottom line: spare his cash to skip a bash.”

“You’re right! He is well-off and has a good job, but he always talks about saving money! And yes, most of time he gives me missed calls,” she said, breaking into peals of laughter.

Almost all of us know a few people who irritate us by giving us missed calls though they can afford to make calls. They always have some excuse, insufficient balance in their prepaid accounts is one. In short, they are misers. In handwriting analysis, one of the ways to identify such people is by measuring the size of their ovals (a, o and d) in relation to the overall size of their handwriting. Misers have squeezed ovals (pic A). Next time you meet compulsive misers (many compressed ovals), ask them to reduce the constriction (pic B).
Today we are analysing the handwriting of a young Mirror reader and Class IX student, who wants to be called Siddhu. His handwriting shows he is an intelligent boy but he is not able to exploit his potentials because, like many of his age, he lacks the ability to concentrate. In graphology, there are many indicators of this problem. In Siddhu’s case, it’s the circles over his lower case i’s (pic C).
Siddhu, first of all remove the line that pierces through the first letter of your signature (pic D). Also, make letter ‘S’ twice its current size. Besides, write “I will surely give it a shot” for 15 minutes every day for the next 30 days on ruled paper. Keep a margin on the left and write on every alternate line. While practising, make sure you replace the circles with dots over your i’s and cross your t’s higher as you see in pic E. All the best, Siddhu, and do well in studies!


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