Anuj was angry with his girlfriend Devyani. He thought she was cheating on him, as he had seen her with a guy from her college a few times.

“It’s time to put an end to this relationship,” he told himself before calling her to Barista one day.

“I have noticed you’re getting too friendly with Shishir…,” he said to Devyani.

“What do you mean? You want me to stop talking to my classmates,” Devyani retorted.

“I know goddammit he’s you classmate, but what research were you doing with him yesterday at the bus stop and after that in the shopping mall?”

“What the @#$% are you talking about? You saw him, but you didn’t see Sharmila and Nikky with me?”

“But why only Shishir? There are many other guys in your class…”

“Because none of them are even half as decent as he is. And we understand each other well…”

“Oh my God! Now you find him decent, too! It means you like him. So what are you doing with me? Why don’t you go to him? He’ll understand you better, for sure,” Anuj said sarcastically.

“What’s your @#$%ing problem, man? It’s true I’m seeing you, but that does not mean that I should alienate all my guy friends. You are just being jealous…”

“Jealous? Me? My foot!” Anuj screamed, hurling a ball of crumpled paper napkin at her face and stomped out of the coffee shop.

Now, raise you hands if you know anybody like Anuj – a jealous creep. I’m sure all of us do. In handwriting analysis, jealousy is reflected by a tight and small circled loop at the beginning of a letter (pic A). Such writers fear the loss of someone’s love and therefore, they become very possessive.

If a lover with poor self image has these tiny loops, he’ll become like Anuj. He’ll always fear that if loses this girlfriend, he won’t get someone as “good” as her.

Similarly, if the person is resentful and has subconscious anger against women, he can physically abuse the object of his affection to “prevent” her from going away from him. In comparison, such a person will come close to a jealous husband like Vishwanath (Nana Patekar in Bollywood flick Agnisakshi) who tortured his wife, Shubhangi (Manisha Koirala), because he thought she was getting close to other men.

So, you jealous bugs, get those nasty little circles out of your handwriting and make others’ lives easier. Else, the trait will devour your intimate relationships.

This week we’re analysing the handwriting (pic B) of Mirror reader Rati — a Class X student. Rati is an outgoing girl who loves partying and is very witty. One small problem she has been facing is that she takes time to understand what she studies. Her teachers always complain that she does not grasp her lessons fast. Also, she can’t make quick decisions and faces difficulty in concentrating.

Rati, write “I must get it today” two pages daily for 30 days. Cross your t’s at the top (pic C) and reduce the space between words. Besides, draw angles (pic D) on two pages. In your signature (pic E), the first letter of the second name stands atop that of your first name. Separate them and enlarge the ‘R’. All the best!


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