PriyaPriya and Sameer, both in their late 30s, were going steady for about 10 years. But they frequently fought. They were quarrelling even when they came to see me to discuss the delay in their marriage. Sameer’s complaint: Priya has been postponing their marriage. Her grievance: he has been insisting on tying the knot before she “settles” in her career. Sameer saw no merit in her argument because he thought she was pretty settled as a senior manager with an MNC.

When I looked at their handwriting samples, I discovered Priya was procrastinating about the marriage (indicated by the lower case t’s). Her t-bars stopped much before the stem (pic A). As a result, she never lived “before due date” and hardly finished any work on time. She was frequently slapped late-payment charges on her mobile and credit card bills.

I suggested her to cross her t’s with firm pressure (pic B). She refused and stomped out of the room. I was not surprised: her handwriting also showed she was impulsive and stubborn. (We’ll discuss these traits later).

If you also procrastinate like Priya and find your t-bars incomplete, cross it properly. The exercise can easily help you get rid of the frustrating habit. Try it.

This week we’re analysing the handwriting of a lady who has chosen to be known as AA (I’ll call her Annie). Her story: In 2001, Annie falls in love with DD (I’ll call him Denny). But Denny marries a girl selected by his parents. Three months later he gets back to Annie, saying his marital life is in a mess. She accepts him and now she can’t let him go even though Annie’s parents have found her a suitable boy. She wants to continue her relationship with him and wants me to tell her what to do.
Sorry, Ms. I can’t tell you what you should do. But I can help you come out of your confusion, shown by overlapping lower zones in your handwriting (pic C). After that you decide what you want to do. Annie, you are subjugated to your past and keep dwelling on it ALL THE TIME. In every free moment, you take a dip into your past and come out with a heavy feeling. The agony associated with your past notwithstanding, you want to relive those “good days”, feel the pain and surprisingly you enjoy it too. Annie, you’re killing your present and future for the sake of your past. Does it sound good to you?

Needless to say, your immediate need is to ensure your past does not haunt you and you have a clear understanding of what you are doing. Practise “I see my future bright and lively” for 12 to 15 minutes on ruled paper for 30 days. Maintain a margin of one inch on the left and write on every alternate line. Also, keep the length of your y’s and g’s moderate (pic D) to gain some control over yourself. It’ll ensure your past does not influence your present in a negative way. All the best!



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