No is a scary word. Nobody wants to take it for an answer. But no one has ever escaped it — they want it or not. Some get a no and move on, accepting it as a part of life. However, for many it’s anathema and they avoid all who are likely to say the bitter word. In short, they abhor disapproval and therefore detest making efforts even for things they badly want.

My friend Hari is one of them. He liked Pinky but could never ask her out because he thought she might refuse. He feared that if she didn’t agree to see him and others got to know about his “rejection”, his reputation will be “harmed” and he’ll be “ridiculed”. The fear of “rejection” and subsequent “loss of reputation” always bugged him. Besides, Hari could never convince himself that others had really better things to do than finding out how many women he was hitting on or whether he was gay. (And to tackle those nosey few, I frequently suggested him to make use of his middle finger. He never did.)

Anyway, Pinky waited for him for a few months to take the initiative. When he didn’t, she began seeing another guy.

When I looked at Hari’s handwriting, I saw he was too self-conscious, shown by the increasing height of m and n humps (pic A). He was always scared of looking foolish and being turned down.

The rising humps in the two letters also cause stage fright. If you stammer while speaking in public, it’s because of your self-consciousness, which fills you with fear of looking stupid. The solution: reduce the size of humps (pic B) to feel more comfortable in crowd.

If the two letters with rising humps are coupled with a certain left or straight slant in someone’s handwriting, the writer’s fear of rejection intensifies. In office, such a writer won’t approach her boss for an extra day off because she thinks it would be turned down. She will then absent herself from work under some pretext, such as, “I was too unwell”.

Before I wind up this section, a quick note to my boss: The last time I didn’t come to work, I was indeed down with cold.

This week we’re analysing the handwriting sample (pic C) of Roja, a Mirror reader. She’s an extremely extrovert girl, ruled by mind rather than heart and rarely rushes into situations or relationships. Recently, she proposed to a guy, but he turned it down. She has been very upset since then.
Roja has two major problems: first, the rejection still haunts her and secondly, she is too sensitive. To avoid criticism and confrontations, she moulds herself the way people want her to be. She even wears clothes, which she thinks will be approved by others.


Roja, write “I do what I want to do” for at least 12 minutes every day on ruled paper for 30 days. Keep a ruler-drawn margin of one inch on the left. Make sure there are no loops in your d’s and t’s: the two letters should be completely retraced (pic D). The exercise will enable you to be yourself and give two hoots to what people think of you. Besides, it’ll also ward off all concerns you have about the way you look. Sounds tempting, Roja? All the best!

By the way, I bumped into a website {} on which you can get elementary analysis of your handwriting.


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