What if your head were three-four feet above your shoulder, levitating in the air? Well, it’s a physiological impossibility, but please imagine it for a while. So now, your head is in the air and you see every thing from an elevated position (without necessarily becoming an airhead). Right? How do things appear from a height? Of course, small, short and probably stumpy. It’s never accurate.

Similarly, individuals whose heads are indeed in the air (figuratively, dear) tend to undermine, underrate and undervalue people and things around them. They unnecessarily find faults with others.

Now, the good news is we can identify such people. The t-bars in their handwriting are above the stem (pic A), which reflects on their detachment from reality and gives them a false sense of superiority. Also, they set unachievable goals in life and can finish them only in their imagination.

I know a lady who has this trait. She comes to the gym I frequent. Even at the risk of being attacked by dumbbells and iron plates, I’m revealing that she disparages and mocks almost all gym members.
Whispering into her friends’ ears, she says Tom looks like a canary, Dick walks like a camel and Harry talks like a parrot. (She knows names of many more birds and animals!)

So friends, if your t-bars float above the stem, bring them down (pic B). This will put you back in touch with reality and also enable you to set goals that can be achieved. 

This week we’re analysing the handwriting (pic C) of MetroNow reader who wants to be called Miss ‘M’. Madam, three things that jump out of your handwriting are: mood swings, lack of concentration and subjugation to your past. An event that went wrong in the past occupies your mind most of the time and your swiftly drift into your “old days” while trying to concentrate. You have difficulty memorising everything you study. You love your past and therefore like storing those things that remind of your childhood and your past, such as old clothes, toys or maybe love letters! Although you like to be organised, you lack the discipline and enthusiasm to execute your plans because you can’t figure out what decision will be suitable for you. Of late, a problem at the physical level or in a relationship has become a cause of worry for you.

Miss M, write “I am just going to get it my way” on ruled paper for 15 minutes daily for 30 days. Write on every alternate line and ensure your letters rest on it. Leave a margin of one inch on the left and dot your i’s and j’s very close to the stem (pic D). Also, increase the length your t-bars a bit. The exercise will enhance your memory power and improve your concentration and attention to detail. All the best, Miss M!



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