Fat liar


We loathe liars in the same way Justin Cooper hated Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. But it hurts more when the con artists are your dear ones such as lovers who will miss a date, forget your birthday party and put you in embarrassing situations, and always come up with excuses to save face.

When promises are broken, it hurts and you wish you were forewarned about the person. The challenge is how to see the true face of a liar before he can cause damages.

Friends, handwriting analysis can help. Look for double loops in the lower case ‘O’ — the communication letter. If the double loops (pic A) in the alphabet appear frequently in handwriting, you have an inveterate and pathological liar. However, it must be observed how big the loops are and how often they are found in a handwriting sample.

If they occur once or twice and are small, the writer just withholds truth. But there is a valid reason to put on your running shoes if you repeatedly see the strokes in a handwriting sample.

Wait, wait. Before you plan to buy a magnifying glass and a black trench coat, thinking you are now the half-cousin of Sherlock Holmes, here is a warning: the individual trait discussed above is indicative, not absolute. The entire handwriting must be taken into account before arriving at a conclusion.


This week we’re analysing the handwriting sample of our reader, Simran. Your handwriting projects a person who has been carrying emotional baggage from the past and is extremely secretive about it. You are not open even to people who consider you the closest. This behaviour is in contrast to the way you present yourself: open, outgoing, clear and blunt. This feeling of not being truthful is often accompanied by guilt or shame and this has had adverse effects not only in your relationships, but also on your health. Your current problem is your strong difference of opinion with your spouse. The root of this is lack of clear communication and frequent altercations between the two of you. The basic understanding between the two of you is missing. Besides, you are scared of people around you because of which you withhold truth from them. And though you say that others are to blame for your situation, deep down you feel that only you are responsible for your pain and that it would just be fine if only you were not here.


Simran, keep your communication clear and improve your relationship with the people around you, especially your spouse. As I don’t have his handwriting sample, I can’t tell you how to deal with him, but with some changes in yourself, you can at least be happy about doing what you want to do and speak unambiguously what you expect others to do for you. Write “I have nothing to lose by being outright” on two pages for 30 days without stop. While writing, keep a margin of one inch on both sides of the page and write on every alternate line. Also, ensure your ovals (a & o) are without loops and t’s, y’s and g’s are complete (pic B). All the best!



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