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Remember your English teacher instructing you to cross your t’s properly and dot your i’s meticulously? It’s possible that she only intended to make your handwriting look attractive and graceful, but Graphology, the science of handwriting, says not crossing your t’s properly injures you self esteem and dotting your i’s casually messes with your concentration.

To an ordinary eye, how a letter is formed may be inconsequential, but according to graphologists, through handwriting (also called brainwriting), it is possible to determine the writer’s at least 70 characteristics, including persistence, determination, mental state (such as depression, irritation), sensitivity, open-mindedness, creativity, self-image, intelligence, temperament, attitude, moods and motivation level.

Graphology studies the graphic movements or strokes in a writing, which correlate to a personality trait within the writer. The brain sends message to the hand to form strokes that reveal who we are, how we think, feel and behave and what our likes and dislikes are.

For example, look at Paris Hilton’s handwriting (see pic A) in this letter she wrote to a fan during her term in jail in June last year. The prominent middle zone of the handwriting and lack of upper zone reveal that Paris lives for the moment and doesn’t care about future. She does anything that makes her feel good without thinking about repercussions (which is why she frequently lands in trouble!). Also, she’s self-critical and can’t keep secrets. The personal pronoun ‘I’ shows Paris has been emotionally removed from her parents. Her signature reveals her big ego and a façade of self-confidence, which she uses to hide her insecurities and inadequacies.


What the heck! How is your knowing about yourself and your problems from me (of all the people) going to be of any use? One wants solutions. Right? So, folks, let me hold your hand (damsels, for God’s sake don’t dial 100) and help you solve your day-to-day problems through graphotherapy, the curative offshoot of graphology.

Graphotherapy is a means of making conscious alterations in your handwriting in order to effect desired subconscious changes within yourself. This is a reversal of the normal writing process: now, I have your hand send messages to your brain — the root of various ills such as lack of persistence and determination; absence of concentration, frustration and waywardness in material life, including sex; depression; low self-esteem and inability to get over past affairs and failures. And getting rid of all these is plain ’n’ simple: for a few days, just write in a particular way as suggested by me.

Hence, if I were to suggest Paris a few changes in her handwriting, it would the complete re-formation of its upper and lower zones that should ideally be twice as much as middle zone letters such as a, o, u, r, m and n (see pic B). And second, I’d also ask her to cross her lower case t’s higher and reduce the size of her signature.

Paris is far, dear, but you’re here. Gate-crash into the gala party I’m throwing in your city. Send me a sample of your handwriting in English in at least 250 words on unlined A4 size papers on any subject. I’ll analyse it in this column every week and suggest a few changes to deal with your difficulties. Please write on your own and DO NOT forget to put in your signature(s). On a separate sheet, mention your name (choose a nick name for anonymity) and write in brief if there is anything particular you want me to address.

Here is a chance to shoo away those pesky problems. Go ahead, make a choice… a Write Choice!




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  3. Dear Mr. Heathcliff,

    Hello. I am hardly into going through blogs but this one has particularly struck a chord with me. Great Blog!!! I shall appreciate an analysis of my handwriting and I feel any suggestions for improvement in the same should have a positive effect on my personality traits. Kindly inform me of the e-mail id to where I could send across the required 250 word document to (jpg/pdf format). Thank you.


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