Are you an emotional blackmailer?

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19 thoughts on “Are you an emotional blackmailer?

  1. I agree. Handwriting tells a lot of the person concerned. I always took please reading articles or letters written by people whose handwriting was good. Tried to tell my son about the same but he does not seem to understand. Sometimes I have found that with different pen, the handwriting slightly changes. I love microtip pens and Reynolds pen. Sometimes if you take a pen from another person then also I noticed that the handwriting is different. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  2. It is a scary feeling to have someone’s life in our hands, if handwriting analysis can help us avoid that, we must really read through diligently.. but I’m glad u were able to tackle this! Indeed you are a survivor…

    Next time, pls be more careful 🙂

  3. Vishwas If you Love me, you will do this for me..!!!

    Surprised!!! speechless!!! Ek aur kahan se aa gayi??? Hee Hee..

    This is how I was feeling while reading ur article speechless… I was feeling very angry wen the guy let that gal suicide. He sud have tried to persuade her, saved her life and al that but then after reading further I apologize to that may be poor guy.. Its true at times we just look at one side of the story and take a decision.. Human behaviour..

    Vishwas.. Once again, I really love the way you play with words and make every single line interesting…

    Try your luck in writing suspense novel, I am sure it will be a best seller… [:)]

  4. Hey Vishwas,

    u write very well man and good at making things dramatic. am not quite sure whether the incident you’ve mentioned about yourself happened (you know how writers imagine things). your site seems to be quite popular. very happy for you.

    best wishes,
    narendra kaushik

  5. My second read …. and am turmoiled. Does our handwriting indeed reveal so much so of ourself ??

    The flare with which you grasp attention and send the mind thinking afresh is highly commendable. A very impressive style.

    Would be thankful if you could brief me as to how could I send across some lines handwritten for ur perusal.

    Have a great day !!

  6. hey this really is neat…a scary situation must say…but dude u sud have given us a few more insight on such handwritin …..wud have been gr8…neways lukin frwd 2 more of ur stuffs…cheers…

  7. Dear Vishwas

    As always i have gone through this article and you wont believe when i was looking towards my lappy people gathered me and they were so amazed that……..Is it possible…everyone was looking any searching someting between their fingers………Is this possible…..But what i believe………Its more possible what you did was more than need of the sec…and you performed it well……you know once i thaught that you were that Interior Designer. speaking about yourself…..Every article of yours teaches me something . This time i learnt to MOVE ON….

  8. hey vishwas,

    You are seriously a very good narrator man… i mean i can visualise every line as u hv written. although its scary to read, but good you are making people aware and as long as we all learn from our mistakes… its Faaaantasic……. 🙂

  9. its very true i have experienced it a long a go
    i would like to know more about it to avoid emotional blackmailers in my life

  10. I had to go over this piece twice,o actually make sense out of it. It is difficult to judge such situations objectively, more so if you know even one of the people involved. In either of the instances, I don’t know much about the circumstances that led to the girls threatening to take such a drastic step. I don’t know what the men, in either of the circumstances, went through. “Will she really jump or is she threatening?” “What will happen to me if she does jump?” After reading it, I had only one question in my mind:
    A life is too precious to be lost, but can you stop somebody who doesn’t value it?
    As a journalist, I’ve had one of the most wretched experiences of my life in the TB ward at the GTB Hospital in Sewri, Mumbai. There are what you call ‘Corridors of death’. Most patients are abandoned by their families (because most TB cases are linked to HIV or AIDS). Dramatic scenes play out day and night…people threatening to kill themselves – for the want of love, care and attention of those they still love and those who once loved them. “If you ever loved me, you will do this for me.”

  11. Even better than making your mistakes and elarning from them is helping others learn from them too. Glad you are doing so, by sharing your experiences and knowledge. Great job!

  12. Hey. i must say that whatever u ve written in ur artical is true for those who have faced any such situation. And some people might not believe what you have said but i am sure once they will think over it.

    You have written it in a very interesting way. great job.

  13. I vaguely remember you telling me about this article ages ago.

    It is a very scary situation when someone threatens to end their life. It’s usually a cry for help that needs attention. I am glad that you learnt from the experience. A gripping article.

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