Sachi’s handwriting analysis

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One thought on “Sachi’s handwriting analysis

  1. dumbstruck you can say.
    By reading this analysis Vishwas I can say ‘you have mastered this science to a great extent’. After waiting for so long i was thinking if the response comes ‘you are lazy’ it would be a great great bouncer to me.
    But this analysis has made me understand myself more better. I always has thought myself as a elephant tied to a tree with a rope. In childhood when the baby elephant is caught, it is tied with a rope to a tree. The baby elephant tries to break the rope a lakh times. It fails miserebly when it tries. Then after some time it stops trying. But when it grows up it does not try, as he had fail earlier in his childhood. But if the elephant tries to break it know, it can even uproot the whole tree. “I JUST WANT TO BREAK THIS ROPE”.
    But Vishwas you have not mentioned about my past in this handwriting analysis. Why is that so?
    But your analysis was 100% correct.
    Eagerly waiting for your response.

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